It starts with a Contractor’s Assessment. 

This is done by collecting data about the contractor’s current operation, personnel, systems, procedures, and financial records.  Then meeting to review each area and gain a full understanding of the company and the owner’s goals

The POL Academy will analyze all the above and present their findings, by providing the following:

A general rating for marketing, sales, administration and organization

An efficiency rating for marketing, sales and installation

Specific steps on what can be done to increase profitability

Supply the business fundamentals on operating a construction company in the form of online courses and videos.

How to strengthen strong points,

How to correct weak points in your business.

The cost is $350.


$350 Flat Fee

business foundation program


The Business Foundation Program (BFP) is a 10-week intensive business training program.  This program will focus on business fundamentals – including operational, financial, and production training.  The Client will receive all necessary software, materials, and tools to conduct this training.

The program starts with the understanding of the Client’s current operation, personnel, systems, and procedures.  After that, there is a specific training lineup that the Client is to follow. The Client and their POLA Consultant will engage in weekly coaching meetings, which are expected to last 60 to 90 minutes.  The weekly meetings will consist of a review of last week’s progress, review and analysis of the Client’s company weekly stats and data, setting targets and assignments for the upcoming week, and working with the Client on the next steps to build a multi-million-dollar company.

The Client will have access to their coach, and to other POL Academy team members, between meetings by phone, email, and/or text.

The training courses and materials will be made available to all of the Client’s employees, and they are encouraged to get as many as possible to participate. There are three primary divisions in any company: the Administration or Management of the company, Marketing and Sales, and Production.  It is highly recommended that at least one, and preferably two, members of each division in the Client’s company take part in the training. This is not just a program meant to help only the owner; it’s for the benefit of the entire company.

Training and study time will be required to complete the program. It will be expected that each participant schedules this time on their calendar every week. Each participant will need to put in approximately 40 to 60 hours in training during this period.  If all deliverables (see list below) are not completed in the 10-week program period, the Client’s training may be eligible for an extension at an additional charge of $500 per week.  All extensions and other offers remain solely at the discretion of POL Academy.

Achievements realized from Coaching Services’ work depend upon many factors, including the Client’s aptitude and cooperation and the Client’s staff – factors that are not within the control of POL Academy. Therefore, it is understood and agreed that no express or implied warranty of any general or specific results shall apply to the work done under this Agreement.

The objective of the Business Foundation Program, as stated above, is a revitalized team of players within the Client’s company who share the same goal of building a multi-million-dollar company. This is what the first 10 weeks will be devoted to – the AIMM basic fundamental program and utilizing the AIMM software.  This is an intensive course and will require 5 to 10 hours per week by each participant.  By signing below, the Client is acknowledging that they understand this, and are willing to devote the necessary time.

The deliverables for the 10-week program are:

  1. Goal setting.
  2. Tools to track company sales and production pipelines.
  3. The basic theory of the fundamentals of business and a basic flaw in most estimating systems.
  4. Establishing a budget and understanding the fundamentals of how to cover it.
  5. How to estimate correctly, to help ensure profitability.
  6. How to calculate and track gross profit in such a way that the Client will know if they are making money each day.
  7. Proprietary AIMM software use and training for the Client and their team.
  8. Training for the Client and their production team on their role in building a multi-million-dollar company.
  9. How to improve crew production and efficiency, including setting up an effective bonus plan.
  10. How to set up, review, and analyze a monthly P&L.
  11. A basic Org Chart.


The goal of the Business Foundation Program is to help the Client’s business. It is understood that there will be business hurdles and issues that come up during the BFP program period, and many of these problems can be addressed and handled as part of this service.  POLA engages in other business services, including website development, recruiting and hiring, and bookkeeping.  These services may be offered for additional terms and fees, which are not within the scope of this Agreement.


Fees – Business Foundation Program

The fee for the Business Foundation Program is $5,000. It can be paid weekly at $500/week. A deposit of $500 is paid, and a payment arrangement is agreed for weekly deposits or charges of $500 for the following 9 weeks. The program is designed for 10 calendar weeks unless blocked out time is agreed upon prior. Exceptions for emergencies will be considered.

The Client will be rewarded with one additional week, at no cost, if payment of $5,000 is made in full. The Client understands that this is an intensive program and completing all of the actions and assignments is entirely within their control.  If the objectives of the Business Foundation Program are not completed within the 10-week period, an additional $500/week will be assessed until they are complete.


Phase Two – Business Builder Program

Once the deliverables of the Business Foundation Program have been completed, the Client will be eligible to take part in the Business Builder Program (BBP).  The BBP is an ongoing bi-weekly consulting service, with the overall objective of helping the Client achieve their 5-year business goals.  The Business Builder Program will be offered at the sole discretion of POLA.

The BBP will begin with the Client and their POLA Consultant working together to create a custom program containing the necessary steps to achieve the specific long-term goals of the Client’s company.  The coaching sessions will be every two weeks, and will continue with the same format of review of last week’s progress, review and analysis of the Client’s company weekly stats and data, setting targets and assignments for the upcoming week, and working with the Client on the next steps to build a multi-million-dollar company.

As part of the Business Builder Program, the Client will be encouraged to take part in a peer group with other contractors of a like trade (not in the same geographical area). The peer group will include other POLA clients, as well as a POLA staff member monitor, and meetings will take place every two weeks. By taking part in the peer group, the Client agrees to share all of their company data and statistics, including financial numbers.  Knowing the financial numbers of other companies can be very enlightening, and the purpose of the peer groups is to create an open-format sharing and learning environment. 


Fees – Business Builder Program

The cost for the Business Builder Program will be $300 a week or $1,200 a month paid in advance each month.  There is also an option to pay for a full year, for $14,000 (saving $400 off of monthly rate). This price includes all five program elements: the coaching, access to the peer-group, the AIMM System software, the training courses, and all other related software and materials.

The program elements can be purchased separately as follows:

  • The AIMM Software @ $400/month
  • The online training courses, materials, checklists, and hats @ $150/month
  • The AIMM Peer-Group @ $300/month

$5,000 Flat Fee



You can estimate a job and win the contract only to end up losing money.

There is only one right way to create an estimate that will result in you making money every time and this is the only system that does that. There are jobs that you want and don’t want. Using unit prices or adding a percent markup for overhead and profit is NOT the way to do it. The AIMM Lite software sets you up to estimate with precision so you are making money every time.

When you do estimate a job there are three areas where an error can be made: the observation of quantities, the estimating formula and the crew. This system lets you know which one it is while the job is in progress, not weeks or months later.

The software:

  • Establishes your correct overhead.
  • Establishes how many men you should have and their production levels.
  • Sets you up to estimate the right way.
  • Gives you a way to improve your estimating accuracy.
  • Gives you an instant comparison of how you are doing.
  • Tells you if you are making any money.

Once you learn the system you will never use another one!

Every AIMM Lite software subscription includes:

  • No upfront costs
  • No annual fees
  • Free one-on-one set up walkthrough
  • Unlimited projects
  • Track estimated vs actual job costs and profits
  • Free support


Without learning how to properly market and advertise your business, you’ll never grow – no matter how good your work is. We can get you set up with a website, logo, printing and more! 

Our marketing team specializes in all areas of marketing for contractors. Our team of in-house marketers will create a tailored marketing plan for your companies specific needs. 

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Website Development
  • App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Review Platform Marketing
  • Local Marketing

Click the link below to get an appraisal of your company.

Bookkeeping for contractors

We found that this is one job contractors don’t want to do, don’t know how to train another to do and in general their books are a mess.  If not a mess, they are not laid out in such a way that can give you the correct numbers that are easy to get to.

The service starts with setting your books up with the correct categories.

All our clients have the same categories, which makes it easy to compare data in various categories with other contractors who are members of the same peer group.

After looking at your books we will give you a cost to set them up correctly and then an on-going monthly fee. The fee is usually far less than contractors are paying now. 

If you ever intend to grow your company or to sell it in the future, your books must be in good order.

Get in touch to get your estimate.


As Little as $150/Week


There are over 30 courses so far. Each course is normally $7.95/month for unlimited users. Right now, all courses are completely FREE.

Get started today!



Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

After and in depth assessment of your company, we are going to create your personal step-by-step business plan tailor made to your circumstances and goals.

Depending on where your business is at and what it needs the most, a business action plan is going to give you easy to follow steps and include our best in house business practices that took us 20 years to develop and fine-tune.

You will have full confidence that you can implement every step as we will provide you will all the tools you will need:

• Keeping yourself organized.

• Branding and marketing tactics.

• Best lead generation strategies.

• Hiring, training and retaining quality employees.

• Keeping your staff motivated.

• Precise project estimation.

• Improving your sales close ratio.

• Streamlined job installations.

• Ways to keep your financials in check.

• Effective administration and management methods.



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