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The Plan to Build the Best Machine

Establish Where you are Today and Where You are Going

We work with contractors that have the Goal of creating a Multi-million-dollar company.  Let’s describe that a bit more.  There are over 150 functions in a construction company, from getting the phone to ring to picking up the final check. To free yourself of these actions, you need to turn them over to others. You are now managing the activities of this machine that you have created.  And it IS Profitable.

Tools and resources that we will provide along the way.

  • Revolutionary software for:
    • Estimating
    • Managing your jobs
    • Daily tracking or how much money you made that day
    • Efficiency score for the crews on all jobs
    • Rewards program for your crew
  • Systems to track up your pipeline – lead – appointment – estimate – sale – install – referral
    • Graphs that measure all the numbers on your pipeline
    • Checklist to follow the pipeline
    • Checklist for following a job
  • Online Training Platform for all your staff
    • Job descriptions for every position
    • Specialized courses for your crews in English and Spanish
    • Hiring courses and procedures
    • Sales courses and procedures
    • Marketing courses and procedures
  • Website services
  • Bookkeeping services


Step 1.  Know your Number

Numbers are not very sexy, but if you skip this step you are dead in the water! There are 5 vital numbers in any company. You must know what the vital number categories are and you must know what YOUR specific numbers are.

Knowing how the money flows through your business and how much is spent on all the aspects of marketing, selling and delivering your product is VITAL. If you don’t know these vital numbers, or what they should be, and have a system to check the numbers, you CANNOT build or run a successful company.

Step 2.  Track your Pipeline

Understand that you have a pipeline from getting the phone to ring to picking up the final check and getting a referral. We will set a a stat tracking system to measure each activity along the pipeline so that you can detect the weak line and correct it

Step 3. Estimate Correctly

The standard estimating unit price or markup percentage methods have a FATAL FLAW that you must know and correct with the ONLY right way to estimate the AIMM (Am I Making any Money) software.  MORE

Step 4.  Hire the Right People

It’s vital to have the right people in the right places.  We will train you on how to find screen and hire the right people.

Step 5. Build a Competent Crew

This is the heart of your company. You must deliver an outstanding profitable product to your customer.  This means on time and within budget.  We have a rewards program that will motivate your team to deliver.

Step 6. Separate Sales & Marketing from Production

Two terminals generate power, one being sales and the other production.  Having the same person doing both will limit your power and ability to expand.  Production must be its own unit that operates with the sales or the owner’s involvement.  A system needs to be put in place to turn the job over and of course, a competent person must be there to receive it.

Step 7. Effective Marketing and Sales System

It all starts with getting and lead.  There is a way to get and then take a lead through to a sale very efficiently.  We provide a complete program and training in this area.

Step 8. An Org Chart

Here is we organize the 150 functions on an org chart that works and flows.  Part of this step is providing job descriptions for each post on the org board.  And to establish a training section in your company by using our Learning Management Platform.

Step 9. Wear the Owner’s Hat.

As the owner you will assume the role of GM or the Chief Executive Officer of the company.  The exact duties of an executive will be learned and put into practice.

How It Works:

1. Free Business Consultation


You will work with a specialist to find out about your goals, what’s preventing you from achieving them and how to be more profitable. We then look at your numbers and advise you on what your next steps are.

2. Contractor Assessment


It starts with a Contractor’s Assessment. This is done by collecting data about your business Then we meet to review each area and gain a full understanding of the company and the owner’s goals.

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