Who We Are

We started out small, just like you. From a 4 man paving stone contracting hustle, we grew into over 100 staff landscaping company and doing 15M in revenue a year. Now we also specialize in helping contractors with their businesses.As a company we have made every mistake in the book but through persistence we have come out the other side.

Since the inception of a paving stone company in 1999 and throughout our 20 years in contracting business we have developed systems for all aspects of our operation.

From marketing to sales, to the installation of the jobs themselves, they were the key to success of our company (Pacific Outdoor Living) which we used as a laboratory to test them thoroughly.

We’ve built one of the most advanced and well-organized construction companies in the US. 

On our way up from zero to fifteen million in Gross Revenue during our first seven years, we earned multiple awards including the prestigious Inc 500 award twice, as well as others.

AIMM System™ (which stands for “Am I Making Any Money?”) was launched to give contractors and business owners a straightforward road map to make their companies more profitable and efficient through proven principles. 

We give you the tools, that we use ourselves, to accomplish your business goals and to overcome your biggest and smallest issues. Then we help and guide you along the way so you finally reach your dream and your vision.

We’ve helped and guided contractors and business owners throughout the country with great success.

We are passionate about what we do and we truly care about developing people and their businesses, which has formed the foundation of AIMM System™.

Meet the Founder

Terry Bio 2

Terry Morrill, founder of the AIMM System and the owner of Pacific Outdoor Living. 

This website was created when we started to look at our next expansion step. We could set up franchisees, we could open more offices around Southern California, we could purchase or merge with other companies or we could codify what we have learned through a VERY painstaking process of surviving and then growing and put it into a format that would allow us to share that knowledge with others. We choose the latter.

During our 20 years in this business we have developed organizational systems that save money, we have developed a revolutionary estimating and management software system that exposes the basic FALSEHOOD that exists in most other such systems. This system gives a business owner the power to KNOW on a DAILY basis if he is making money (NET PROFIT) at the end of each day whether he is managing one job or 100 jobs.

After discovering this falsehood, we were going to release it as a software product, but I soon realized that contractors need a successful formula for marketing, selling, hiring, org charts and training. We somehow worked out most of those formulas, so why not put it together in one complete package with a step by step route of how to get there?

As a company we have made every mistake in the book but through persistence we have come out the other side. We built a company from 4 people to 100 people doing revenues of nearly 15 million dollars, then hit hard times and struggled to make any money at all. We retooled and made the company profitable again.

The backbone of the system is the “Am I Making any Money” software that allows contractors to have the vital data at their finger tips so they know what the next right move will be.

Not everyone that starts this journey will be successful, but most will if they are honest, willing to learn and be diligent. I wish you a fun and exciting journey.

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