Are you Building Projects for your Customer

Building a Company for Yourself?

A Complete Roadmap to Grow Your Business into a Multi-Million Dollar Company. Contractors can build walls, driveways, patios and beautiful gardens. BUT WHERE DID THEY LEARN HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS? Finally, a Complete Roadmap to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business. OVER 20 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT. Developed by Pacific Outdoor Living, a company that grew from 4 men to 100 men and from $500,000 to $15,000,000 in annual sales.


We understand that not everyone is on the same level, so we tailor-make a service to suit your needs.

Find out what area of your business you should concentrate on.

Take your business to the next level with a step-by-step plan.

Manage your business with one software that does it all.

Join a group of contractors of a similar size, to help each member grow and become more profitable. 

Concentrate on building your business whilst we take care of your bookkeeping.  

Get the know-how and vital skills to improve your business.

What This Website Is All About

Building projects for your customers and building a successful company are two COMPLETELY different activities. 

We define a successful business as one you can sell for value or operate without you and still give you a six-digit income. Meaning you are not selling and running jobs every day but managing those that do.

We have done just that at Pacific Outdoor Living, a landscape design-build company started with four men and a pickup truck in 1999 that grosses over 16 million a year and operates without me.

Throughout our journey as a company, we have made every mistake in the book. But, we persisted, became experts in the trade, and came out on the other side.  We have built a machine that successful gets leads, sells and profitably delivers landscape projects to delighted customers

We have take those system and procedures and arranged them in such as way so others can use them to build a profitable machine for themselves.

Running the day-to-day marketing, estimating, selling, installing jobs, handling warranties and all your customer’s needs, not building your company.

Building a company is the action of putting an organization, systems, procedures and people in place to perform all the functions in your stead.  To do this, you must build a smoothly running machine.  Contractors spend their time operating a faulty machine and very little time correcting or building a machine that runs smoothly.  A machine is an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.  The parts are your people, the definite functions are in their job descriptions or hats, the particular task is the end result of that function, be it an estimate or a sale or a completed job. The mechanical power is the owner’s drive.

Any construction project takes time and effort to build. A $100,000 project takes over a thousand hours of design, planning, and construction time. A million-dollar project will take over ten thousand hours.

One has to realize that he must invest time to build a a machine. . It’s such a simple fact; if you spent no or very little time building a house, you get no house.  If you spend no or very little time in building a business, you get no business.

The number of hours it takes to build your machine is hard to define, but the time spent on effective projects to building one’s business is directly proportional to that business’s success. 

You operate a faulty machine all day, and at night, you repair it. If you have enough time to upgrade it with new parts.  If you have more time you build a new model! If you are lazy or lack drive all you to is oil it on occasion.

The key is then time working on effective programs.  As with any construction project one must do the correct actions in the right sequence. This is where a good plan comes into play.  You can develop a good plan on your own or find someone who has codified what they have done to succeed and follow it. 

We have laid out a road map of how to get there, step by step.


Our courses cover vital topics like sales, marketing, estimating jobs, managing crews, business administration and more. Learn how to grow from a company that’s been there, made mistakes and come out a success. Sign up today and get started.

Revolutionary Software

Our software was created by us, and we’ve used it for over a decade to manage and grow our business. We have the only system that shows you on a daily basis if you’re making money on every job, even if you have dozens going on at the same time! We’ll show you how! Easily and Accurately. 


Whether you’re trying to grow your business but getting stuck, or you don’t know where to start, we can help. Our personal, one-on-one coaching sessions can help get you on track. We get a deep dive and get an in-depth look at your business, find out what you’re struggling with and lay out an exact plan to get you expanding.

Start by getting a free business assessment today!


Without learning how to properly market and advertise your business, you’ll never grow – no matter how good your work is. We can get you set up with a website, logo, printing and more! 

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